For a copy, left click the Clubhouse Rules or Form then open or save.  Open the file in Word since it is a docx format. The Inquiry form is a docx form so you can fill in the areas and email the form to the clubhouse as a first step for starting the Rental process.  Nothing is binding on your part until a contract is signed and deposit made.

Text Box: Calendar
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Text Box: Rental

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Text Box: RENTAL WORKSHEET INFORMATION REQUIRED (at least the red part must be completed for the initial inquiry. Again you can click this text box, copy and paste to Word. Complete the form and email it back to the club.  The office manager will contact you to set an appointment for visiting the clubhouse and going over all aspect of a rental.  A professional contract will be printout with all of the costs during that visit. The Gainesville Woman’s Club looks forward to working with you on your event.)
ORGANIZATION: __________________________________________
EVENT DATE: ________________ 
MAILING ADDRESS: ________________________________________ 
CITY:  __________________STATE:  _______ ZIP CODE:  ________ 
EVENT TIMES: _________________________ 
PURPOSE FOR EVENT___________________________ 
SET-UP TIME: ___________________ 
DATE _______________________ 
DECORATING TIME ______________________________
DATE _______________________ 
REHEARSAL TIME:______________________
1ST. CONTACT NAME:  _______________________________
DATE: __________________________ 
EMAIL: __________________________________________ 
PHONE: Home (____)__________________



2ND.CONTACT NAME: _____________________
DATE: __________________________ 
EMAIL: ___________________________________________ 
PHONE: Home (____)__________________
Cell(____)__________________Work(____)__________________ ALCOHOL SERVED? (Check one) NO: _______ YES ________ 
(Sales of alcohol not permitted) 
GROUP SIZE ___________ 
KITCHEN: NO _______ YES ________ 
PHONE________________EMAIL _______________ 
EVENT PLANNER _________________________________________ PHONE________________ EMAIL _______________ 
CO-SPONSOR ____________________________________

TAX EXEMPT #_______________________________________