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Becoming a GWC Member


     Whether new to Gainesville or a long time resident, the club welcomes new members.   There is something for all ages, talents and skills.  It is a place to grow personally and to reach out to the community.  The club is fully engaged in community service and offers a wide range of social opportunities.

     Women who support the mission, goals, and objectives of GWC are eligible for membership in the GFWC Gainesville Woman’s Club.  As a first step, the club encourages any perspective member to explore the many dimensions of the club by working through this website; visiting the club's Facebook; reviewing the club's brochure (noted below); and arranging for a guest visit to one or more club events.  The club’s live calendar in the website provides a schedule of events and activities. If interested in joining GWC, please contact our Membership Chairman or our  Office Manager at gwcwomansclub@att.net or (352) 376-3901.


Steps for membership include:


1. An applicant for membership in the GWC shall be sponsored by two members who know and recommend the applicant.

2. The application shall be presented to the Executive Board and a two-thirds (2/3) vote is required for approval.

3. A member from another GFWC club may transfer into the GWC with approval by a majority vote of the Executive Board.  She must present written credentials signed by her club’s president and pay the initiation fee and dues.

4. Active members shall have the full privileges of the GWC, including the rights of voting and holding office.  They shall participate in and support the club’s programs and serve on at least one committee.

5. An initiation fee and one year’s dues shall accompany acceptance of membership.

6. Annual dues for active and sustaining members shall include GWC, Federation and GFWC dues.

7. New members who join the club and pay dues on or after March 1 shall be paid in full until April 30 of the following year.


            As a new member, you have unlimited opportunities to apply your skills, develop new ones and expand your leadership horizons.  Beyond the immediate club events, you have the opportunity to work with other clubs in the District and at the state level through GFWC Florida.  You are encouraged to explore both the GFWC Florida and GFWC website and particularly note GFWC’s new tagline “Living the Volunteer Spirit.”







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GFWC Gainesville Woman’s Club


GFWC Gainesville Woman’s Club


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Click this "GWC Brochure" to see a summary of programs at the club, state and national levels.  Once finished you can click Membership and it will return you to this page.